The Ceremony of Twelve

Our humanities classes have been reading The Giver and analyzing this dystopian society as we would the other cultures and societies we study in social studies.  Aspects of a society or culture we analyze include HOW labor is divided, how tasks or careers are assigned, and which tasks/careers are held in high or low esteem. 

In the novel, The Giver, students are assigned their careers at the age of twelve in a ceremony (rite of passage) they call The Ceremony of Twelve.  We held our own Ceremony of Twelve where the students got to experience being assigned a career.  They then wrote about the experience, describing the advantages and disadvantages of having others choose their careers for them.  They were also asked to consider their own interests and describe a career they might wish to pursue.  The kids and I had a lot of fun with this.  Check out the photos below: 

Humanities & STEAM Updates

Our seventh-grade humanities group has finished up reviewing the “Cultural Universals” and will begin studying the fall of the Roman Empire shortly.  They are also nearly done with our first novel, Crash, and will be starting The Giver early next week.

Our sixth-grade STEAM group were given the task of reading and analyzing the rules for the game, Yahtzee.  We all discovered that reading and following technical directions can be a challenging task.  After fully comprehending the rules, the students had the opportunity to play and enjoy the game today.  


Humanities Kickoff

Our humanities classes are off and running with a review of the “cultural universals” that we will be evaluating when encountering each of the societies and cultures we encounter throughout the year.  We are also working on explicitly writing about emotions and developing word banks that will help us in describing the feelings and emotions felt by the characters we write about during our narrative writing unit.


I hope everyone is enjoying their summer as much as I am!  Here’s a little GoPro video of one of my many adventures.  I can’t wait to hear about yours!