Testing Continues

Testing continues with the CAASPP performance task this week.  The performance task involves reading a series of articles and then writing an essay based on those readings. The students were assigned to write either an argumentative, informational/explanatory or narrative essay.  These essays MUST be completed on Thursday, April 25th. Please do your best to have your child at school this week so that they may finish their essay by Thursday.  



ASB Activities

Below is a list of activities from our ASB:

4/16- Dress like a tourist day! Get as many of your advisory students to dress up like a tourist!!
4/17- Limbo Contest in the quad at lunch. Who do you think is the best at limbo in your advisory?
4/18-Hat day! Students will get to wear hats to school on Thursday. 
4/18-Paw Pat Exchange in the quad at lunch!!

No School Friday, April 19th

State Testing has BEGUN!

The English-language arts state test (SBAC) is administered in two parts.  The first part, which we will begin on Tuesday, is called the CAT and contains shorter passages, multiple choice, and short-answer questions.  The second part is the “Performance Task.” This part requires students to read a number of articles and/or passages and then write an essay using the information read.  This type of task should sound VERY familiar to our students, and the skills required for success were presented and practiced during our many “Document-Based Questions,” narrative essays, informational/research paper, and argumentative readings and writings.  

Below is a short video with tips for doing well on the CAT portion.  You’ll notice that the tools demonstrated (e.g., highlighting, striking out wrong responses, flagging questions, and taking notes) are almost identical to the tools we utilize on a regular basis during our own practice and unit tests administered on Illuminate.

Cuesta Field Trip

A HUGE THANK YOU to our PTSA for organizing the seventh-grade field trip to Cuesta College.  The kids had a WONDERFUL time and got to see and participate in activities involving chemistry and biology, audio recording, architecture, and the radio and television studios.  Each of Cuesta’s departments put on engaging presentations and involved the kids in a variety of hands-on activities.  Check out the pictures below and have a wonderful Spring Break!